Jelly Roll Quilt Along

I recently found a new blog to add to my list of daily reads called Moose on the Porch Quilts. (With a fun name like that, who wouldn’t want to read it?!?!) Konda is hosting a Jelly Roll Quilt Along that started March 1st.  Although I already had several projects in progress and no Jelly Rolls handy, I was tempted to join.  But, I resisted the temptation, knowing that I was going to be starting school soon.  That was until…. I found a Nicey Jane Jelly Roll on the Quilter’s Daily Deal for a steal!  I couldn’t resist any longer and now, I am really enjoying this project. 

Directions for a new block will be posted every other Monday from March 1 to August 2.  Each block will be designed by a different person, who will be a featured guest blogger that week.  I got started right away when the first block was posted and it was a real challenge. I haven’t worked with such small squares before and I ended up having to re-do mine several times.  But, I am happy with the finished product and am eagerly awaiting the directions for block two!


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