Quilt Along Catch Up

Earlier this week I squeezed in some time to work on the pinwheel sampler quilt.  I really like this simple block, which is made up of just one color and the background fabric, which is white in my case. 

The more new blocks I try, the easier they are getting.  It has been fun to learn some new things, and see how they come together.  Often, I will see a picture of a finished quilt, but not really have any idea how the blocks were constructed.  Now I am starting to figure out the basic shapes that come together to make different things.  Although I am catching up on this one, I still have two blocks left that I haven’t finished and directions for another block will be posted tomorrow.

I am all caught up on the Jelly Roll Quilt Along.  This third block is really different than the first two.  I have seen this basic block in some quilts I really admired, like this one over at “Crazy Mom Quilts.”  The little tutorial for the block below helped me see exactly how the square within a square is put together, since I got to do it four times. 

In fact, I liked this technique so much, that I used this basic block to make the baby quilt for Ryan’s daughter.  I am finishing it up today and will share pictures soon.


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