Much Better

I finished up the second pinwheel block five on Sunday and it is definitely much better than the first one.  Somehow the colors just came together better, or the scale of the prints works together better.  I am still learning to see what it is I do or don’t like about a combination of fabrics.  I think that I am getting much better at putting colors together, but scale continues to be a challenge. 

Speaking of things that are much better…. what do you think of my new blog header?  After countless designs, color schemes and drafts, this is what my husband Adam came up with and I love it.  Business cards, quilt tags, etsy graphics and more to come!


2 thoughts on “Much Better

  1. I agree with Tina. The small squares that appear hand-drawn are especially appealing to me. You look quite friendly and approachable in the photo and the photo can be seen without scrolling-always a nice feature.


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