Happy Mother’s Day!

Okay, okay.  So I am a few days late.  For some reason, I always seem to be rushing through the end of each quilting project, chasing a deadline that I have set for myself.   This time, it was a Mother’s Day present for my mom.  From the moment I saw the fabric, I knew that it was meant to be hers and would make the perfect little lap quilt. 

I finished the top pretty quickly, but then it was time to baste and quilt.  This has become my least favorite part of the quilting process.  I always have a hard time deciding how to actually quilt it once I get the top done.  So far, I have gotten pretty good at stippling, but I can’t get myself to branch out much from there.   This project was especially frustrating, since my machine just didn’t want to cooperate.  After I had finished about 2/3 of the quilting, the thread kept breaking every minute or so.  I gave up and didn’t work on it for almost a week.  Mysteriously, when I found a little time to finish it up, my machine worked just fine.  I think maybe I just wore it out and it needed a break as much as I did!  Even with all of this, I am pretty happy with how it turned out – I especially like the polka dot binding. 

So, from now on, I vow to give myself more time so that I am not rushing at the end.  It would be so nice to have time to finish at a leisurely pace and not feel so pressured.  I hope you like your new quilt mom – and can put away the Halloween one until the fall!


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. I absolutely love it!!! And, I WILL NOT put away the halloween one… 🙂 I turn it inside out and still use it in the den. They BOTH are so special!!! Thank You little quilting girl!!!


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