Halfway There

I caught up on the Jelly Roll Quilt Along this weekend.  This was another challenging square – mostly just choosing the fabrics and getting the right mix of scale and colors.  Oh… and another thing I am going to remind myself often:  read the directions twice, measure twice and then cut once.  I skimmed them quickly and then cut.   I had the block halfway assembled and realized I was off on two pieces by two inches.   So, I had to tear it apart and then pick out a new fabric to include.  It ended up better in the end – my original light blue fabric was too light and didn’t create enough contrast.  This was my first time “fussy cutting” for the center square.  It was fun looking for the perfect little center to frame. 

This is block six, which means that I am halfway through the twelve squares that will make up this quilt.  So far, I think the square with the big white block in the center is my favorite.  Which one do you like best? 


2 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. Beautiful work on all the blocks! My favorite is probably the lower left with the cross in the middle…But it’s really hard to choose!


  2. My favorite is the upper left corner. Very nice colors-so springish and cheering in the chilly rain we are having here!


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