Practicing for Dotty Dresden

In June, my sister asked me to make her a quilt.  I was very happy to do so, but warned her that with school and work, it might be a long-term project.  It wasn’t until Mid-July that we were able to visit a fabric store together and start talking about what she wanted.  She has a fun and funky style, so I knew she would pick out a great pattern and awesome fabric, too. 

I brought some of my pattern books, and right away, the quilt on the cover of this book caught her eye. 

Material Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots

Then, we started looking at different fabrics, and she fell in love with the “Good Folks” line from Anna Marie Horner.  So I ordered a bundle of fat quarters from the set below, threw in some other fabrics for contrast and picked out a modern polka dot for the flower centers and background. 

It wasn’t until August that I was able to start working on the quilt.  I was a little nervous about trying this dresden plate pattern, so I decided to practice once first. This was my first time doing applique, or any type of pattern like this.  I am glad that I did practice, because when I sewed the wedges together, I discovered that I had cut them a little different than the pattern.  It was just 1/8 of an inch at the bottom of each, but it threw off the whole thing.  I ended up having to do some re-sewing and also remove one of the pieces to make it lay flat.  Then it was time to applique.  Again, I am glad I had this chance to practice making the tiny stitches just on the edge.  Here is how the pillowcase turned out.  I am loving how it is coming together and confident that I can tackle the real project now.  Unfortunately, I already cut about 2/3 of the slices that make up all those dresden plates.  So, the first step is to trim that 1/8 excess off each piece before I start putting them together.  I’m off to spend some time with my cutting mat.  Hopefully, I can make some progress since it is already September!


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