Bloggers Pillow Party

I just have 13 days left until my Master’s classes are officially done for a while.  I am not counting or anything!   I have a pile of projects I can’t wait to get going on.  In the last few weeks, I have managed to finish up a few little things here and there.  One of them was this pillow. 

This little dresden plate pillow was to practice before I started working on this quilt for my sister.  Last summer, she asked me to make a quilt for her, and then picked out “Dotty Dresden” from one of my favorite quilting books,  Material Obsession.  She has a great eye for colors and fabrics and fell in love with the Good Folks line from Maria Anna Horner.  I added in a few other basics and even some scraps from a shirt we both love, but couldn’t wear.  I had never even done applique before, so this project seemed a little daunting.  I decided that a practice pillowcase would let me try it out first and give me a really cute pillow too.  It was a good idea, as I cut the wedges the wrong size the first time and this plate turned out bigger than the ones I wanted for the quilt. 

Right now, it is brightening up our guest room, which also happens to be my craft room.  I think it looks great on the bed and love seeing it while I am in there working on other things.  Finishing up this project was good timing, too: I just heard about the Bloggers Pillow Party.  Rachel over at Stitched in Color hosts this event each month to feature homemade pillows and even awards great prizes.  I am entering the March contest.  Wish me luck and check out the other entries here.

Blogger's Pillow Party
For now, back to studying… but not for long!

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