First one finished

I finished up the binding on this mini leftovers quilt a couple of days ago.  We have had family in town that has kept us busy, so I have taken a few days of from sewing.  I suppose I should think of a real name for this quilt.  It occurred to me that this is my first completed quilt of 2011.  The finished size is  just 35×35.  This would make a nice tummy time quilt for a little one.  I don’t think it is one that I am going to keep, but will stash away with several others I have for when I finally open an Etsy store someday. 

 I do like the simplicity of the straight line quilting that Adam suggested.  He was right – it did turn out nice.  The fabrics themselves are showcased instead of the quilting. 

It feels nice to be able to start a new page for finished projects.  There should be several more popping up real soon.  I am hoping to finish up the quilt for the nursery and sew on the binding today.  We’ll see.  It is the last day of my Spring Break and I am not feeling very motivated to do much…. especially go back to work tomorrow!


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