Just in Time

I finally started this quilt in January after we decided on the colors for the nursery.  But, it has been a pretty busy spring and I haven’t found a lot of time to work on it.  I was starting to get worried that I wasn’t going to finish this before the baby arrived – but I did it – and just in time.  Today marks just three weeks until my due date.

Making this quilt was fun from beginning to end.  I loved picking out the fabrics and coming up with a simple design.  Cutting out the fabrics was quick and easy.  I sewed the top together in just an hour or so.  The back was even fun to make, and usually I hate that part.

Then it was time for quilting.  I opted for my old standby for the middle part of the quilt.  It only took an hour to finish the stippling.  Then I had to decide on what to do for the outside border.  Adam talked me into trying straight line quilting again.  Every other time I have tried, it never ended well.  In fact, I still  have a half-finished quilt in my closet that I gave up on because I got so frustrated with the quilting.  This time, although it isn’t perfect, it turned out much better. 

I think the quilt looks right at home in the nursery, hanging on the side of the crib.  Every time I see it there it makes me smile. 

So, we’re all ready now. The room is done, the bags are packed and we are just waiting for this little one to arrive.  Soon enough we’ll be wrapping him or her up in this little quilt.  I can’t hardly wait!


2 thoughts on “Just in Time

  1. You did a superb job my dear! What a wonderful quilt to welcome Baby Mac… it makes me cry with tears of joy! You both are so very special and will be such great parents. I love you both – actually all three! 🙂


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