52 Weeks, 52 Lists

I am a compulsive list-maker. Right now, there are at least four lists sitting on the kitchen counter: grocery lists, things to do, a list of people to send baby announcements to, the next things I want to bake…. So, when I saw the opportunity to participate in “52 Weeks, 52 Lists” I couldn’t resist. Kellie is hosting this on her blog, and I found out from Christina over at hers. Each week she will post a topic for a list that we can make and then share. If nothing else, it will ensure that I post on here at least once a week. We’ll see if I can keep up with it, as I do have my hands full with this little guy. I couldn’t resist sharing another picture. He is one month old today!

Back to the lists…. I had this little book that I bought five years ago, that has been sitting on the shelf ever since. It seems like the perfect place to keep track of my lists.

And proof that I have completed at least a couple of the things today – I did finish trimming up the squares for the Christmas quilt. My sewing machine is on loan to my mom as she alters dresses for my little sister’s wedding coming up next month. So, my cutting mat is going to get a lot of work in the next week or so as I can’t sew anything!


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