Letting Go


“Sometimes, you have to say no to good things to say yes to great things.” Our pastor says this often and I have been thinking about it a lot lately.  Right now, my life is so full. Fuller than it has ever been, in fact. And the biggest thing – little Liam – is definitely a great thing. There are so many things competing for my time, and although I love quilting….. I have been saying no to it often, and it is going to have to take a serious back seat for now. I am not saying that I might not sneak away to the sewing machine now and again for a little crafty time, but the likelihood of doing that and finding time to blog about it: zero.
And the lists – I am enjoying that so much that I plan to continue making them each week, but I cannot commit to blogging about them. There are several things I am having to let go and though coming to this decision made me sad at first, it is a relief now. So, I guess what I am really saying is that I am taking a blogging break for a while. I hope to be back again before too long, but I know that I will never regret this decision. Letting go feels good, when it allows you to hold on tighter to what is most important.



One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Deidra, you are so very right! Not easy decision but certainly the right one! Liam won’t stay little for long – so hold on to the very best like you are and enjoy every minute! Love you Sweetie!


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