I’m Still Here

It has been almost a whole year since my last post – August 28, 2011.  Since then…

-My baby has grown into a toddling 15 month old who keeps me on my toes

-I completed an administrative internship and worked full-time for the last year

-I finished my Masters Degree in Educational Leadership just last week

-I have used my sewing machine only once, to make a stocking for Liam last December

-I have missed quilting a lot

Now, I have finished school and will only be working part-time next year, so things are changing.  I am still here and I am looking forward to sewing again and doing some things because I want to rather than because I have to.  I pulled out all of my quilty works in progress yesterday while Liam napped and was surprised to discover that I have no less than eight quilt tops done and in various stages of completion.  Two are even mostly quilted.  They are first on the list.  Hopefully I will be back with some new things to share soon.

All those projects in progress and I am itching to start something new.  Here’s to some long naps in the near future.


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