Organizing Fabric 

After much debating, I am going to give this blog a go again.  I started it many years ago and haven’t posted regularly for awhile  I’ve decided it’s time, so here goes!

I spent some time reorganizing my fabric closet yesterday. As I pull fabric and supplies out for projects, I usually just throw them into a basket as I finish with them. Then, I attempt to put everything in that basket away once a week or so. This system seems to work for me so I don’t have to stop mid project and because I have such limited space, re-sorting takes some time. Kind of embarrassing to share this mess – but there it is. (We also keep the vacuums in my fabric closet!) I have always kept my fabric organized mostly by color and in the past, but I have never had more than a couple fat quarters from any one fabric line so it worked for me.
But,  I have recently acquired larger bundles from one designer or line and have been keeping them stored separately.  For some reason,  it seems so hard to break them up!  Here’s my Cotton & Steel bin. Then my 30s Reproduction fabrics. What I am finding is that it’s so easy to overlook them when I am pulling fabric for a project. Or, I have to look though my main stash, then Bonnie & Camille, then Heather Ross, then Cotton & Steel, then Anna Maria Horner, then florals…. ugh! Not to mention the several bundles I have that are still so nicely tied up – I obviously am not using them at all! And lately, I have been so inspired by some beautiful mixed bundles I’ve seen. Alli over at Woodberry Way does the most amazing fabric pulls.  Her latest post with a red, real and black pull is so perfect. Go check it out!  Or search her hashtag #wwfabricpulls on Instagram.

So, I am debating reorganizing the whole thing and going solely by color. (Except for maybe Bonnie and Camille!) And, I even think I will untie all those bundles I have stashed away and sort them in as well. Right now, I am attempting to buy very little new fabric and instead use the piles and piles of pretty fabric I already have. I think getting better organized will help!

How do you keep your fabric sorted?  Any tips or tricks?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

All this talk about sorting has inspired me to start a new series “Friday Fabric Pulls” where I share fabric pulls for upcoming projects or pretty piles just for fun. First installment coming soon!


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