Friday Fabric Pulls

Friday Fabric Pulls

This is a new series where I will share my latest fabric pulls – for upcoming projects, new listings for my Etsy shop, or just because!  

First up is a pretty pull that blends Essex Linen in black, two pretty prints from Melody Miller’s “Mustang” line by Cotton & Steel plus the Mustard moons are Maureen Cracknell’s “Nightfall” line by Art Gallery  Fabrics. I already used this pretty stack to make a boxy bag using this tutorial that is listed in my Etsy shop now. 

I just took an order for a new custom slimline wallet. I figure I should just make two up at the same time and then I’ll have one to list in the shop. Here’s my pull for you the extra. I love the blue linen with dots – Mochi Linen dots by Moda. I’ve paired it with three prints from Gooseberry by Lella Botique. Next, I am participating in my first quilting bee this year.  More on that soon. But, next month it is my turn to be queen bee, so I’ve started to think about my plans for that. I have decided to go with a red and Aqua color scheme and here is my  first fabric pull for that.  Finally, here are some pretty scraps  that I hope to make into some coin purses for the shop soon. Strawberries, Superheroes and pretty florals – how can I go wrong?  This Happy Friday!


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