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Slow Stitching Sundays 

I love to work on slow stitching projects on Sundays. It’s usually a lazy day around here after church, playing in the yard or watching a football or baseball game, depending on the season.

Earlier this month, I finished up this little cactus for my sister’s birthday. She found a picture of a similar one and asked if I could recreate it. It was different than my usual, but so fun to stitch. I love it!

I also started a new just for fun project on SuperBowl Sunday. The pattern is from the lovely book Pen to Thread,  by Sarah Watson, which I have been using a ton. Once I picked a pattern, the next challenge was choosing a color scheme. The author suggests finding a photo or scheme you like and using that. I remembered that Pinterest is a wealth of ideas and found this picture. (If you want to follow me on Pinterest, click here).It took me quite a few Sundays of stitching to finish up. But, I tried some new things and love how it turned out. I think this one will be a gift!  One other project this month was a custom order hoop. I was contacted and asked if I could take this graffiti on the left and turn it into stitches for an anniversary hoop. After some research, and trial and error, here the final product. The whole hoop turned out pretty well, and I think it is going to make the perfect anniversary gift. Finally, I am working on some small stitches. I made this little three inch mushroom hoop as a gift. But, for my next project, I am going even smaller. My sister in law asked if I had ever tried making some mini embroidery hoop necklaces. I had seen them, but not tried them yet. After very little arm twisting, I ordered a set to try them out. My first task was coming up with some designs. It wasn’t hard…. in fact, I have more ideas than I can handle at this point! And here’s a sneak peek at my first attempt.  I will definitely be adding these to my shop soon. Stay tuned!  


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