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Fabric Washi Tape Tutorial 

Have some tiny treasured scraps that you can’t bear to throw away?  Here’s an easy and quick tutorial for making fabric washi tape with even the smallest of scraps. Although this tutorial is mine, I can’t claim credit for the idea. I first saw this idea on Camille Roskelley’s Instagram page @thimbleblossoms.  

You’ll need: 

Fabric scraps 

Rotary cutter with an old blade and cutting mat 

Carpet tape*


1.  Gather up some old fabric scraps. Very small pieces will work. The smallest I used here is about 3/4 inch by 2 inches.  Pieces that are 2×5 inches work well and fabrics with a small scale and tiny prints are best. 

2. Give those scraps a good press. 

3. Take your tape and lay it out on your cutting mat. Unroll a small amount, long enough for your first piece of fabric, with the sticky side up. 

4.  Take your piece of fabric and place it wrong side down along the tape, overlapping on the outside edge a bit. Smooth it all down with your fingers, working out any bumps. 

Be sure not to leave any stray stings underneath like I did here!  But if you do, just peel the fabric back and remove the strings. No one will know! 

5.  Using your rotary cutter and ruler, trim off that section right next to the fabric. 

6. Flip your piece over right side down and using the edge of the tape as a guide, trim to size. 

7. Flip back over and trim to desired size and shape. My carpet tape is 1.5 inches wide so I like to cut my strips in half so they’re 3/4 inch wide. Sometimes I trim the edges at an angle and sometimes I leave them straight. 

Easy peasy!  Now, once you get comfortable using the tape, try lining up several little scraps at once. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a whole pile of pretty washi tape to use. The only thing I really use my washi tape for is dressing up packages. Do you have any great ideas for using it?  I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment sharing your ideas!  

*Carpet tape is thick, two sided tape that you can get at a hardware store, at Lowe’s or on Amazon. I got my roll for under $5.00 at Lowe’s and it will make a ton of washi!  


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