Tutorial: Kids Cloth Napkins

I am sure there are a ton of great tutorials out there on making cloth napkins, but I thought I'd share a quick one today for creating kid sized ones. We try to use cloth napkins at our house as often as possible. But, they are grown up sized and the boys aren't always as excited about them as I would hope. When I got this fun bundle of four fat quarters from Simply Love Fabrics , I decided to make some kid size napkins just for them. This new line, Fossil Rim, by Deena Rutter for Riley Blake Designs is just perfect for kid friendly projects of all kinds!

Here's what you need to make a set of four napkins:

– At least 2/3 yard single fabric, 2-4 fat quarters or 8 layer cake squares

-Turning tool or chopstick

-Iron and ironing board

1. Cut 8 coordinating squares of fabric that are 10 inches x 10 inches each. I cut two from each fat quarter and had fabric left over for another project. (Alternatively, you could make your squares 9×9 and get 8 squares from just two fat quarters!)
2. Place two squares right sides together, paying attention to the direction of the patterns so they face the same direction if needed. Pin around the edges.Using pins or a heat soluble pen, Mark an opening 3 to 4 inches wide on one side near the middle.3. Sew all the way around the edges, using a 1/4 inch seam. Leave the 3 to 4 inch space you marked open for turning. Backstitch several times at the start and end.4. Carefully clip all four corners. 5. Turn your napkin right side out through the opening. Use a turning tool or chopstick to gently poke the corners out. My favorite tool is a Clover Point to Point turner. Now, your napkin should look like this. 6. Give it a good press with your iron, carefully tucking the opening in and making the seam as straight as possible. Now, it should look like this. 7. Topstitch all the way around the edge, starting in a corner, and back stitching just one or two stitches at the beginning and end. Use a 1/8 of an inch seam allowance. 8. Press again if needed. You did it!Now you have an earth friendly napkin that kiddos will actually enjoy using. They seem to be just the right size for my boys and they are a lot more excited about them than the flowery ones we usually use. I even plan on sending them to school in their lunch boxes. Speaking of lunch boxes, here's what I made with the rest of my fat quarter bundle. Reusable sandwich and snack bags! That's a tutorial for another day. Thanks for stopping by! If you use this little tutorial to create some napkins of your own, I'd love to see them on Instagram! Use the hashtag #kidsclothnapkins and #quiltyobsessiontutorial so I can see your makes.

And be sure to check out Simply Love Fabrics on Etsy. They have tons of fun bundles that would be perfect for this project!

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