Easter Egg Block Bonus Project!

After I made my first Easter Egg block and turned it into a cute little mug rug, I had another idea right away for a fun little scrappy Easter Egg. The fun polka dot fabric I used to make these projects were from a charm pack of Moda Grunge Dots from one of my favorite Etsy shops, Simply Love Fabrics.   The pretty pink mat I’m using all throughout this tutorial is the new Olfa Splash mat from OlfaCreates.  There is also a fun turquoise mat and pink rotary cutter.   They will be available in stores in late March.renderedcontent-0eb5ce0e-9be6-497a-9b18-74351779d0ba-1 Use the measurements from the tutorial to make the Basic Easter Egg base with four strips of fabric.  Then cut a piece of batting and backing just bigger than that pieced square.  renderedcontent-194253c9-b5f1-4f18-868d-120edc5b87ef-1Layer strips right side up, batting then backing right side down.  Baste however you like – for a project this small I like to spray baste. renderedcontent-361a47d3-5225-42c8-8188-3d5ceac43d5c-1Next, pick out some pretty trims and embellishments.  I grabbed some ric rac, ribbon and these pretty pink dingleballs I’ve been itching to use.  What are those called anyway?  renderedcontent-b86b39a5-b9c7-4d4a-9efe-3b6feb1751eb-1Quilt up your square, and add trims as desired.  Here’s what mine looked like after adding the bling.renderedcontent-f66a009a-284b-4821-9d3b-a8d7702b14c0-1Then, I used a heat soluble pen to draw an egg shape right on top of my quilted square.  I gently lifted up the very top layer of the “egg” and shoved a little loop of ribbon inside, just under the top fabric. Then I stitched right on top of my drawn line, all the way around double stitching on top of the ribbon.  Iron to remove pen marks.renderedcontent-3fd473c9-9104-47f4-bd52-eae2345664d1-1Use scissors (pinking shears or scalloped scissors would be really cute, too) to trim just outside of your stitched line.  There you have it!  An adorable scrappy and embellished Easter Egg.  renderedcontent-0bf274cd-45fb-42ad-90ca-0ac5ca115000-1Hang it on a door nob or near your sewing machine. Make a whole slew of them to decorate an Easter Tree.  Or make several, omitting the ribbon at the top and add them to a long section of ribbon or trim to make a pretty Easter Garland.  So many ideas!

If you make one, I’d love to see!  Share on Instgram with the hashtag #eastereggblock and tag me @quiltyobsession. Happy Sewing!

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