New Pattern: Bunny Zippy Pouch

I have released my first ever sewing pattern – the Bunny Zippy Pouch.  I was inspired to make this cute little pouch with ears as an Easter gift for a friend who loves Bunnies.  I was trying to think of a unique and fun gift I could make and this was the result.  I sketched up a face and ears by hand, then mostly by trial & error, stitched this little guy together.After I shared the above photo on Instagram, several folks asked about the pattern I used.  I knew I could not finish the pattern before Easter and worried that a bunny pouch would’t be that popular after the holiday had passed.  But, I took a quick survey on Instagram and the feedback was clear – write the pattern regardless of when it’s ready!

So, I set to work right away.  Some pieces of the pattern came together quickly, and others took a lot of work.  In the end, I learned to use a new computer program – well the basics anyway.  It was challenging, but rewarding.

The pattern assumes some basic sewing knowledge and the bunny’s face can be created by embroidering by hand, or stitching by machine. The pouch finishes at approximately 5×6 inches and is a favorite project with kids.  Those ears are just too much fun to use as handles.After I made a couple pouches, my son who is three asked for his own bunny.  We picked out fabrics together and he sat on my lap while I stitched most of it up. After it was ready, he quickly filled it up with plastic lizards and matchbox cars, then carried it around for most of that day, by the ears of course.

Several lovely sewing friends helped test out my pattern before I released it, making so many fun versions.  Thank you to Kristina, Jennifer, Kjerste, Cassie, Rachel, Lindsay and Laura. (Click on any one of their names to be taken to their Instagram profiles for loads of inspiration!) I’m so happy to share that the final pattern is available for purchase now in both my Etsy and Craftsy shops. If you make your own Bunny Zippy Pouch, I’d love to see it.  Share it on Instagram with the #bunnyzippypouch hashtag and feel free to tag me as well @quiltyobsession.

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Sewing!

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