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Patriotic Star Kisses Sewalong Wrap Up and Using Up Those Leftover Half Square Triangles

We are wrapping up the Patriotic Star Kisses Sewalong and there have been so many beautiful quilts shared over on Instagram.  I thought I would share a couple of photos here.  I left their IG names at the top so you can find them over there if you’d like.  Check out the #patrioticstarkissessewalong hashtag for lots more inspiration.

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I finished up my quilt a bit before the July 4 deadline – unusual for me.  I typically bring up the rear in a sewalong… if I even finish during the time allotted!   Since the quilt is good sized – finishing at 60×77 inches, I decided to send it off to Kristina of Center Street Quilts to do the longarm quilting for me.  Generally, this is the part of the process I enjoy the least, and I have learned that I am usually much happier with the outcome if I let someone who loves this step do the quilting.  I chose a wavy line pattern that reminds me of flags blowing in the breeze and I am just so in love with how it turned out.img_9892The quilt arrived back just hours before we had a road trip planned that I knew would allow for some amazing photos. So after everything was packed, I quickly zipped on the binding so that I could finish it off by hand during our road trip. North Cascades National Park is just a couple of hours from us, and provided ample scenery for some beautiful shots.renderedcontent-3d2b2b64-9900-4b92-a59e-1ec4d312025brenderedcontent-f9caa87e-ce88-40e3-9a9f-ef2aed4748d3renderedcontent-64c26718-8b8e-4885-8f0c-f5d660130cebrenderedcontent-390c1c91-6290-4eaf-b342-59bc2d1cafa6I enjoyed working on this quilt so very much and have to say thank you to Rhonda from Ollie and Evie for letting me curate the bundle of fabrics I used.  She was so great to work with and I really enjoyed this collaboration.  I also want to thank Alli from Woodberry Way who designed this lovely quilt.  She was so kind to discount her pattern for us for this quilt along and has been encouraging the whole way.  Pssst – I hear the discount code “STARKISSES” is good in Alli’s shop until July 4, and actually works on all patterns.

But, the sewing fun didn’t end when I finished my quilt.  Making this quilt results in 192 leftover half square triangle units, eight sets of each colored fabric used paired with the  background fabric.  renderedcontent-53194218-28e3-4d02-ac72-611ec0662f33Right away, I realized these were large enough to trim to a 2.5 inch triangle – large enough to work with.  So, I immediately decided to sew and press the trimmed sets together as I went, making this task more manageable.  I knew if I just set the aside, chances were I would just leave them set aside.  My pile grew quickly.renderedcontent-c7178b14-aeca-4c69-8e49-a0e6acf9a312I did wait until the end to do all of the trimming.  One tiny bit of advice – use a fresh, sharp blade in your rotary cutter and invest in a BlocLoc ruler.  They are a little spendy, but I think they are worth every single penny and make trimming much more enjoyable.

Once I had 192 pressed and trimmed HSTs, the real fun began.  I had so many ideas, I wasn’t really sure where to start.  So, this led me to Pinterest where I discovered so many ideas.  It took me a couple of days  to mull all the possibilities over and decide which direction I wanted to go.  First, I wanted to make a quilted cushion cover that would go with my quilt.  I started with a really basic design, just lining up HSTs, alternating red and blue. Here’s what I ended up with. renderedcontent-41657539-c566-4d73-a3f7-1579e2204211 I also decided to make a second pillow cover, which was inspired by this quilt.  My hubby quickly claimed this one as ours, saying “that’s actually kind of cool.” Now, he is endlessly supportive of my sewing hobby and business, but… doesn’t actually love most of the things I make.  (“Too girly… or that looks like an old lady” are his most common comments.) So, this one was destined to live with us!renderedcontent-bf1aaa45-0266-4ddb-b6a7-06c8c8010031Even with both of those 16 inch covers, I was left with a large pile of HSTs.  I decided to give these sweet little blocks a try.   I changed the middle of one up a bit, creating a pinwheel center in one and made two sweet mini quilts.  renderedcontent-8e06ce97-6642-4555-98ed-d0013629d430 They remind me of barn stars and after I made these, I kind of wished I would have used all of my HSTs to create these blocks.  With added sashing, this would be a very sweet baby quilt. Speaking of quilts, I found quite a few other ideas for making some sweet quilts using these HSTs.  I found so many ideas, I created a special board on Pinterest that you can find here.

So, I have two mini quilts and two pillow covers.  renderedcontent-c3f91641-9900-4eeb-95ca-913fcffe6ca3All that, and I STILL have a big pile of leftover HSTs!renderedcontent-fa1d5c0f-93fd-4f6d-94a9-216a147eef2bI am thinking of making some scrappy pinwheels into a panel to use for a tote bag, but the jury is still out.  What are your favorite HST makes?  I’d love to hear your ideas. And I’ll continue to add onto my HST board on Pinterest if you’d like to follow along.

So, summer sew along done.  What should we do next?  I had a fun idea for a scrappy Halloween quilt the other day…..

And P.S. – the mini quilts and one of the pillow covers are up for sale on my shop Instagram page over at @shop_quiltyobsession. 

As always, thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!


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