OttLite Natural Daylight LED Flex Floor Lamp Review

When I was contacted by OttLite earlier this summer and asked to review one of their lamps, I jumped at the chance.  I already owned a small desk lamp of theirs that I keep right next to my sewing machine to add more light to my work space.  You can see it here on the left – the pretty turquoise color.renderedcontent-d3d5b021-a703-4ee3-a448-373b38711da1They sent the Natural Daylight LED Flex Floor Lamp my way to try out.  You can see it on the right in the photo above.  The lamp was easy to assemble, has a flexible neck which allows it to be adjusted to any position and has touch activated controls to adjust the brightness levels.  The photo above was taken in natural daylight.  Here’s a photo the same evening after dark. renderedcontent-b8762d18-a399-4ecc-8e4b-50323c1e8424With two little ones at home, much of my sewing has to happen after bedtime and this floor lamp brightens up my dark sewing corner so much!  The adjustable neck makes it easy to get the light just where I need it most.renderedcontent-67a822c7-b77a-4fbf-9c52-549f3f8c0757As I am getting (ahem) a little older… I am realizing it’s so important to take care of my eyes. Making sure that I have bright, adjustable task lighting is key to reducing eye strain. The floor lamp stays right by my work area and I have also been using it over my ironing board and while reading patterns as well. renderedcontent-ec286624-9bce-4c0b-97ef-c61d8c72f9b8Fall is almost upon us and after that, the long dreary nights of winter.  It’s usually dark by 4:30 pm here for several months of the year, making good lighting all the more important. I plan to leave the floor lamp by my sewing space and relocate my desk lamp to the space where I often do my hand sewing, so I can have clear, bright lighting wherever I work.

If you are looking for new lighting for your crafting space, or even where you like to sit and read, give OttLite a try!

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