Tips & Tricks

Piecing Tips & Shortcuts – on a Swoon Block 

With several Swoon “quiltalongs” going on right now, there are a ton of beautiful Swoon blocks popping up on my Instagram feed. And, lots of finished quilts even. I joined in last month, but I am just not that fast!  I have finished two blocks, and the first one was kind of a disaster.  I…… Continue reading Piecing Tips & Shortcuts – on a Swoon Block 


Organizing Fabric 

After much debating, I am going to give this blog a go again.  I started it many years ago and haven’t posted regularly for awhile  I’ve decided it’s time, so here goes! I spent some time reorganizing my fabric closet yesterday. As I pull fabric and supplies out for projects, I usually just throw them…… Continue reading Organizing Fabric