Mini Dresden Pinnie Tips, Part 3  

Ready to work on your Mini Dresden Pinnie?  Today, I am sharing how I applique my mini Dresden down onto the background fabric.  Find Part 2 of this series here, and find the Mini Dresden Pinnie Tutorial here. Now we are ready to applique  our Dresden down onto our background fabric.  First. you need to…… Continue reading Mini Dresden Pinnie Tips, Part 3  

Slow Stitching Sundays · Uncategorized

Slow Stitching Sundays 

I love to work on slow stitching projects on Sundays. It’s usually a lazy day around here after church, playing in the yard or watching a football or baseball game, depending on the season. Earlier this month, I finished up this little cactus for my sister’s birthday. She found a picture of a similar one…… Continue reading Slow Stitching Sundays 


Organizing Fabric 

After much debating, I am going to give this blog a go again.  I started it many years ago and haven’t posted regularly for awhile  I’ve decided it’s time, so here goes! I spent some time reorganizing my fabric closet yesterday. As I pull fabric and supplies out for projects, I usually just throw them…… Continue reading Organizing Fabric